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I have everything I need to record audio/video, except time. I find that I obsess with getting my recording "perfect." This causes me to take so much time editing and rerecording that I dread even considering doing it again.

How do you feel about shooting your own video? Do you think it is OK to post them "warts and all" and forgo extended editing? Should we just get something up there, or should we really push for excellence?

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Well excellence is one thing, but too much perfection might leave you not ever putting anything out there. Watch other people's youtube vids and you will see, that it is not necessarily about perfection.
Type in lauralyseight into youtube then visit my channel to watch some of my vids. Will be great to get a feedback from my vids.

I think the more author's do on their own is in keeping with the spirit of the Indie author. Sure it will probably lack some of the polish of a commercial piece but that may not be all bad.

That said, I think some editing, to the best of your ability, is in order. If you know how to fix it why not do it? Any glitch that takes your viewer away from the point you want to make i.e., buy this book, is something to be avoided. You can check out my book trailer on You Tube. Just type in The Thomas Ladies Club.




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