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January 2011 Blog Posts (46)

The Reward of Pushing Against the Tide

The number one reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have gotten.” ~ Vaibhav Shah

When I first read this quote it rang true for me; I think we all can relate to…


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Interview with Cat of Sassy cat blog talk radio

I had a great interview and was made to feel very welcome. Just flollow the link to listen for yourself.

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Excerpted from my inspiring new memoir, Fine…ly: My Story of Hope, Love, and Destiny 

Chapter Twenty-One: The Backgammon Game

   “Relationships don’t just happen. They take work.” I don’t know exactly where I heard that advice but…


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Kita's Gentle Message: Keep Those Wrinkles! (Sat. January 29, 2011)

In our too-perfect world, we are often told that we must do everything in our power to look as young and youthful as possible. And of course, under all this pressure some of us resort to cosmetics, injections and even surgery to lift, separate and remove the sags, lines and wrinkles that we know are natural and inevitable. I've just read a wonderful book called "The Wisdom of Your Face" by Jean Haner that sheds lovely light on our furrows, dimples and laugh lines. They… Continue

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Writers Advice

Well, I am one of the lucky ones, and I realize it.


In July of 2010, I had my first novel published, and I am thrilled about it. It was a long road to get there, and I was ecstatic to hold the actual book in my hand. But it's 6 months later, and I can't help but try and figure out what's next. There's more writing, of course (when isn't there?), but I felt like there should be more. ("I'm a published author! I'm so excited!.... now what?") And as I started to get more…


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How I Build Tension In My Thrillers - Excerpt from Tranquillity Initiative

I am unendingly interested in the technique of writing.  I read and re-read novels to get an understanding of what they did and how they did it.  In my novel “Tranquillity Initiative” which is about an anthrax attack on New York City, I created fear and tension in the reader by laying out exactly what would happen if an anthrax bomb were properly deployed from a skyscraper over New York.  The following excerpt is from a discussion between Cassandra Williams, an anthrax expert from the…


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Are You Exceptional?


Are you Exceptional?


Have you ever been asked that question before? What makes someone exceptional? This is a very important matter for Mountain Takers Inc, because our mission is “Equipping Exceptional People to Achieve Extraordinary Results.” So, who fits that description? Exceptional may conjure up thoughts of outstanding athletes, scientists, explorers, inventors etc. But, can the word apply to you and me…


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HEAL THE WOUNDED is the second in a trilogy by Canadian author Lynn Dove.  The entire series is aimed toward the YA market, but it is worth reading no matter what your age. In HEAL THE WOUNDED , we are introduced to several teenagers who are facing some tough problems. First, Jake, a Christian from a loving family, has to deal with the fact that his mother has been diagnosed with cancer. He is still reeling from the death of a close friend and wonders where God is in all of this. His…


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Why Tranquillity Initiative positions Joan Meijer to compete with Robin Cook and Tess Gerritsen

          Throughout  Tranquillity Initiative are the consequences of the anthrax attack on the city.  In his five star review of Tranquillity, Sean Remfrey talked about a woman he only met in a page that he cared about to his surprise.  I believe that woman was Meggan Pollam. The reality of the threat of this is what…


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THE BISHOP'S MAN by Linden Macintyre

I recently finished reading The Bishop's Man by Canadian author and well known broadcast journalist Linden MacIntyre. What can I say but that the book was profoundly beautiful in its descriptiveness and unique 'Cape Breton' voice, but also proundly disturbing and melancholy because of the subject matter. It takes place in the 90's when the news of the ongoing scandals within the Catholic church first begin to surface. It is written from the point of view of Father Duncan…


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Review of ONE SMOOTH STONE by Marcia Laycock

Alex Donnelly is a man on the run – from the law and from the past. What better place to hide than the vast and rugged wilderness of the Yukon? Unexpectedly, he inherits a large sum of money and must leave the relative safety of his backwoods cabin and travel to Seattle to claim his inheritance. While there, some very disturbing revelations surface about his past and he is once again haunted by the demons of his abusive childhood while in foster care. He also meets Kenni Adams, daughter of a…


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Kita's Gentle Message: Just Write (Saturday, January 22, 2011)

I got up at 6:00 am this morning to write because I have committed to submitting bi-weekly articles for a new online magazine. You might say it's my New Year's Resolution. In a word, it's a challenge. I generally write spontaneously so am having to discipline myself to carve out blocks of time to create writing pieces that are hopefully informative and entertaining. I'll let you know how it goes. In any case, wish me luck!…


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Review of Destiny's Dream by Delia Latham

DESTINY’S DREAM by Delia Latham has it all. There’s romance, mystery and action – all very skillfully woven together into a well told and satisfying story. Add to that a solid presentation of the gospel using real and believable characters, and you have a recipe for a great Christian romance novel. These elements on their own are enough to make this book worth reading, but Latham has taken her story telling to another whole level. There were so many unique things about this book that I’m not…


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The Ninth Generation by John Owens - a review

The book is set in a pre-flood world and centres mostly around a man named Lameck, the father of Noah. Owens has done a fabulous job of painting a very descriptive and believable picture of what the earth was like at that time. His imagery is rich and thorough. It is obvious he has done extensive research on the topic, and he presents the earth, as it would have appeared under a young-earth model of creationism, in a detailed and imaginative way. I also appreciated the way he constructed an…


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Launch of the Grace Awards

I'm excited to tell you about the launch of a brand new Christian Book Award - The Grace Awards. This is a totally reader based award, where YOU, the reader, can vote for your favorite books of 2010 in a number of categories.


What do you have to do? As long as you have an individual social networking page, (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Ning etc ... ) that has been up and running for three months prior to the opening of voting, you can nominate your favorite book of…


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Is Talent Enough?


It was Sunday evening and my wife and I were watching a masterful display of athleticism. We, along several tens of millions of others around the globe were viewing the NFL divisional playoff games. The stakes were high. The winners would advance to the conference playoff, the game that determined who would compete for the title of “World Champions” in Superbowl XLV.


One of the commentators was talking about all the talent being displayed on the field, when the other…


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New writing class

I will begin my new class on writing the historical  novel tonight.

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Have You Ever Asked, "Why Don’t Others Ever Appreciate What I Do For Them?"








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Coming Up For Air




TITLE:  Coming Up For Air

AUTHOR:  Rose Mary Boehm

PUBLISHER:  The Black Leaf Publishing Group

PAGES:  346

FORMAT:  Paperback,…


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Inviting you over

I am a mystery writer with my own blog. While I often blog there, I usually invite authors or other industry experts to come over as guests. Guests can answer a few interview questions or send materials for a "tour". I like to have a biography, bio picture, and  book cover images (in jpg) so that I can promote each guest while also promoting myself. I have many slots available. Please let me know if you're interested. If you have a book coming out later this year, I'd be glad to reserve a…


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