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January 2016 Blog Posts (5)

Kita’s Gentle Message: You’ve Been Done Wrong (Saturday, January 30, 2016)

There’s no question about it.  Every law book and judge would unequivocally state that you’re the wronged party.  Big or small - the crime has been clearly committed against you, and you are in your rights to exact revenge.  Justice would be done, and you would go away blameless and victorious.  But what if you were to turn around and say, “I forgive you” instead?  Would that rock your world and everybody else’s?  Only you know the answer.…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Have Ears to Hear and Eyes to See (Saturday, January 23, 2016)

Well yes, of course, isn’t it obvious we all have ears to hear with and eyes to see with?  Chances are you’ve been tested and your hearing is fine or you’ve been fitted with an aid.  Perhaps you’re at the stage where you need glasses for small print like I do but other than that the periodic checkups do the job of letting you know your hearing capability and vision are satisfactory.  Here’s where I venture out on a limb and ask you, “Are you really hearing what…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Say “Yes” (Saturday, January 16, 2016)

Say “Yes” to the invitation, answering the phone, taking the other route home, having a second cup of coffee, leaving a tip, climbing the stairs, picking up the penny, doing the laundry, smiling at the neighbour, raising your hand to volunteer, smoothing her hair, running the errand, mailing the letter, dropping off dry cleaning, mending the shirt, playing hide-go-seek, ordering ice cream with your pie, crying during the movie, laughing out loud, visiting the sick,…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: The Golden Sound of Silence (Saturday, January 9, 2016)

The more I read, research, think and pray the greater reverence I place on silence in my life.  It is in the quiet moments that your inner voice speaks to you and lets you in on the momentous secrets your existence has to reveal to you. Only then, can you reach out and authentically communicate with the world around you.  Take time to listen to yourself.  Such gifts await you.

To your Happiness,…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: What Makes Us Happiest? (January 2, 2016)

In lessons from the longest study on happiness (75 years and still going strong), nineteen-year-olds were asked what they felt was most important to be happy.  The most frequent answers were “wealth” and “fame”.  Interestingly enough, this generation’s millennials responded in the same way.  Lead on the project, psychiatrist Robert Waldinger states that good relationships are the key to making and keeping people happy throughout their lives.  So before you decide…


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