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January 2018 Blog Posts (4)

Kita’s Gentle Message: How Much is Too Much? (Saturday, January 27, 2018)

“Those of you who look to help others be healthier and happier can sometimes run aground.  It’s not the physical lifting involved here that I’m referring to but the openness of our serving that renders you vulnerable psychologically and spiritually. Your language of genuineness and sincerity can be misunderstood - perhaps even taken advantage of to the point where you need to draw back to contemplate, rest and refresh before venturing out again. Straddling what…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Keep the Home Fires Burning (Saturday, January 20, 2018)

“Not your family’s, not your boss’, not your neighbour’s and not even your country’s in this case but your own. Be mindful of the light inside you – never let it extinguish. In the face of adversity and unexpected circumstances: everything from a dull day to a shocking diagnosis, enter within and seek the glow that is authentically you. Know that others may disagree with, criticize and ostracize you but if you are true to your light – the beacon that is your…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: From Passive to Active Observation (Saturday, January 13, 2018)

“I observed a man and little boy sitting together and eating breakfast. Not a word was exchanged in the course of the meal.  Assuming it was a father and son, I wondered why there was no conversation.  Feeling sorry for the boy, I thought his dad should engage – he’s the adult, after all.  But, wait a minute, maybe they’re not related at all… “Maybe it’s a big brother outing,” I thought to myself thinking over what I had witnessed.  And then a wave washed over…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Turn Off - Tune In (Saturday, January 6, 2018)

“Turn off your smartphone, iPad, NetFlix, the radio, your streamed music, the timer, the computer, the TV, the light and allow yourself to sit in silence. Once in this velvety quiet when you can hear your cat purring, the frig humming and perhaps even the grandfather clock ticking, tune in to yourself and listen as you breathe in 2,3,4 and breathe out 2,3,4. Will thoughts swirl? Yes, but with time you’ll see them pass by like…

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