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Book Marketing - The 'Authors Marketing Powerhouse', Announces Marketing Training Class - 'Book Marketing: The Truth'

Don McCauley of the Free Publicity Focus Group and Danielle Hampson of, founders of Book Marketing, announced today a new book marketing training class entitled 'Book Marketing - The Truth'. The effort is to present the truth about marketing books in today's fast changing marketplace. Book marketing and promotion methods must adapt…


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What to Write

I'm a writer... which (among many things) means that at any given time, I have at least 3 - 5 story ideas swimming around in my head. Some are ideas for novels, some are short stories, some are plays. And on any given week (at least lately), I have had approximately 3 hours max to dedicate to writing. In three hours, it is extremely difficult to make any headway on 3 - 5 stories. So, I have to pick one. This has been extremely difficult.


In fact, it's been so difficult that I…


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Kita's Gentle Message: It's Oscar Time! (Friday, February 25, 2011)

Generally speaking I'm fairly nonchalant about award shows. I don't usually watch them. However, I must confess I am a big fan of the Oscars and have watched them every year whether they are "good or bad". Maybe because I like movies and enjoy watching them or my alter ego is really an actor in disguise wishing she was on that stage accepting Oscar, that I am so drawn to them. This year I've been invited to a black-tie Oscar evening with sit-down dinner and show. I may… Continue

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Nickum's Nook; My New Blog

All writers please drop by my new blog:

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Perhaps you've been hearing some buzz lately about the book MY MOTHER THE MAN-EATER. If the title doesn't grab you maybe the cover art will. Curious? Hopefully, because FEB. 24 is the day to buy your copy! That's right, FEBRUARY 24 is the 'best seller' launch of MY MOTHER THE MAN-EATER. If you buy the book at on FEB. 24 you can register for tons of free e-gifts, all redeemable at the following website:…


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I apologize, all right??

Apparently, my book Satan's Mirror has hit a nerve.  I am being deluged by emails.  One camp states that I am belittling Christian beliefs by taking Hell too lightly and not showing it the respect it deserves.  They seem to feel I've written an instruction booklet on the ins and outs of the Underworld.  To which I say, this is fiction, people.  I can only assume you've read the book.  Did you find it in the non-fiction section??  Another group claims that I am disrespectful to Wiccans,…


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My book is now available world wide

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To Get A Publisher Or To Self-Publish.


This particular question is for people who are looking to publish books for back of the room sales, but it actually has a wider application.  If you want to be a writer in today's market, you have to look at whether it is advantageous to self-publish.  If you do self-publish what are the venues available to you.


Most writers aren’t candidates for big publishers.  They may be candidates for small niche publishers but, in the day of self-publishing, getting…


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Lessons Learned from "Rise"


Last week my wife, Susi, and I went to see a very inspiring documentary, “Rise” The film chronicled the lives of members of the 1961 U. S. Figure Skating Team all of whom perished in a plane crash on their way to a world competition in Europe; and those who were and have been impacted by their lives and deaths. The goal of this film was two-fold. First, released on the 50th anniversary of the crash it did a very thorough…


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Are Children's Book secure in the marketplace?

Feeling a bit down about the world of children's book writing? Maybe the article from Publishers Weekly I've posted on my blog today will help. Tell me if you think it's encouraging news.

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What's happening with me.

Hello.  Everyone on Book Marketing.  Thought I would drop a few words to let everone know what's happening with me.  My short story collection, Monroe's Paranormal Investigations is now avalible on and the Barns and Noble web page.  It is a collection of zombire, werewolf and vampire stories published by The Living Dead Press.  I am also looking forward to my novel, The Tale Spinner which will be out in April 2011.  It is a science fiction tale, published by Otherworld Publications. … Continue

Added by David H. Donaghe on February 20, 2011 at 2:14am — 2 Comments

Good news

I received the following message from the Assistant Editor: "I feel your article could be a good fit for Stories for Children Magazine." Now I have to revise!

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Kita's Gentle Message: I Couldn't Do It Without You (Friday, Feb. 18, 2011)

I've been thinking about the last few chats with you, and I realize that I've been going on about my need for solitude whether it be to write or whatever. I'd like to counter this solitude with gratitude - to colleagues at work who support me in getting projects done; to fellow runners who make it easier to run those extra kilometres; to my family who though far are ready to come through for me; right down to the ladies in the coffee shop who have a smile for me when I… Continue

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Learning to Edit E-Pubs on Smashwords

The question I had was how do I post by new novel as an ebook for iPad and Nook? I Googled the question and discovered Smashwords. Smashwords is a free program that allows writers to put their books up on iPad, nook, Sony and many other epub sites - not on Kindle as of this minute.


Smashwords has directions for preparing your document in Microsoft Word. For me, this has been a lesson that has set the standard for all future…


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An Interview With Iris Waichler, Author Of Riding The Infertility Roller Coaster

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Iris Waichler, author of 'Riding The Infertility Roller Coaster: a Guide to Educate and Inspire'. Iris wrote this book to help empower, educate, and support men and women who are engaged in their own battles… Continue

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The Mystery Behind Artifact Theft

Ancient American artifacts are being sold to the highest bidder. When an ancient ruin is discovered, it doesn’t take long for thieves to find out about it. Archaeological thievery is becoming more and more of a problem every year but Utah’s vandalism is the worst in the country. Theft at the Four Corners area of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona is still a big problem. The damage to these sites is estimated at almost $42,000 in two year’s time. An ancient funeral pit can be sold for as… Continue

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Do You Want to Write Your Autobiography?


I lecture about writing to non-writers – hypnotists, numerologists, psychics, housewives, businessmen and women and people who often tell me that I should write about them because “they have had very interesting lives.”  I start my talks with a question.  The first question I always ask is, “Who wants to write their autobiography?”  About three-quarters of all audiences raise their hands.  My next question is, “Can you tell me who will buy your autobiography?” …


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Does Goodness Always Prevail?

Many of the morals and principles that we live by throughout our life were ingrained in us by our parents when we were young.  Among other things, parents are largely responsible for building the character of their children.  They are our role models.  Children are sponges—they absorb all that they see, hear, and feel.   

When I was a child my…


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Just in Time!


“Just in Time”


The Lord woke me this morning with those exact words for you and me Mountain Taker. He wants to share with us a principle of His Kingdom. In specific, as I am coming to understand it in my own life it is a law of Kingdom Economics.


But before we go there directly let’s take a closer look at “just in time”. A few years ago I was reading “The Earth is Flat” by Thomas Freidman. In one part of  the book Mr.…


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Measuring Our Personal Success

We all live in a material world and each of us has material needs and desires.  I have to admit, I do enjoy having my physical comforts and a sprinkling of luxuries, though I wouldn’t call myself largely indulgent.  I…


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