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February 2013 Blog Posts (7)

Offering My Thanks!

I’d like to share a wonderful review of Tales of an Animal Communicator ~ Master Teachers from Dianne Lamb of Greensboro, NC. Thank you to Dianne for her kind words. She makes all the work & expense of publishing more than worth it.…


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It Really Happens!

It Really Happens!

“The Light shines in the darkness, the darkness does not overcome it…” [John 1:5] The effect can be quite dramatic. My wife and I experienced that in an encounter the other night.

First, some background. We live in a residential community in which all the home owners are members of the home owners association, which is overseen by a management company and a board of directors elected from the residents.…


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Kita's Gentle Message: Categorization (Saturday, February 16, 2013)

Our left brain is so logical and efficient.  It conveniently slots people, places and things according to what we see and hear based on our beliefs, previous associations and assumptions.  Very tidy.  No muss or fuss.  And how short-sighted and sad that the measure of a person is sometimes dictated by their clothes, their speech and their mannerisms.  With this kind of categorization, their heart and its generosity, kindness and compassion doesn’t stand a chance in…


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Kita's Gentle Message: A Dad and his Daughter (Saturday, February 9, 2013)

I volunteered to talk to a creative advertising class at our local college this past week as my agency colleagues had other commitments.  It was a pleasure to be in the classroom again with such interested and interesting students.  One of them has Down syndrome, and in the course of the evening when class work was assigned, a fellow student sat down beside her to help out.   He introduced himself to me when I walked over, “I’m Jessie’s Dad.  Just making sure she’s…


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You Shine!

You Shine!

While in prayer one morning last week for God’s ambassadors on the 7 Mountains of Culture, I found myself looking up at a huge mountain. What I saw was a beautiful, dark, winter night scene. The sky was black with few stars; the mountain covered with snow. As I gazed at the mountain I began to notice movement. Skiers were making graceful arcs on the sides of the slope. It was an image right out of a Winter Olympics telecast.…


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Helping Dixie!

I’d like to share with you my newest testimonial about my brother’s Lab, Dixie, and her stress over moving from the Florida Keys.

I’d also like to thank Jackie Anton for posting my article,”The 3 P’s of Promotion: Pursuit, Perseverance, and Patience.” I hope you…


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Kita's Gentle Message: We are the 1% (Saturday, February 2, 2013)

I have to support a comment I read today about the 1% who are extremely wealthy versus the 99% who are not.  It’s all relative.  Compared to walking miles to fetch water; eating one meal a day if lucky; sleeping on a dirt floor and knowing it’s probable you’ll have HIV Aids if you live to adulthood, we are definitely part of the 1% on this planet.  All I have to worry about these days is wind chill and that’s nothing in the great scheme of…


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