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February 2016 Blog Posts (4)

Kita's Gentle Message: Courses, Podcasts and Offers – Oh My! (Saturday, February 27, 2016)

You can’t turn anywhere today without someone telling, offering or selling you the latest and greatest solution to whatever ails you.  A weight problem, difficult financial situation, a family sickness, legal woes, relationship crisis, teen blow-ups, burst pipes, workplace burnout, loneliness – all these and more have probably been addressed by an inbox email, dedicated professional, insurance agent, well-meaning neighbour, your spouse, charity letter, the…


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Kita's Gentle Message: The Moments We're Unaware Of (Saturday, February 20, 2016)

“I’m using the words of the entertainment icon Norman Lear whose interview I read about this morning.  “…So the great lesson to me is that all of us are responsible in the course of our days for the little moments that help somebody else that we’re just not aware of.”  Helping without knowing.  I couldn’t have said this any better.”


To your happiness…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Just Smile and Duck (Saturday, February 13, 2016)

In the moment you seem to have it all thought out, well-ordered and manageable, the universe throws you a curve ball.  It’s one that you can catch easily or one that comes barrelling at you with such force, such unexpectedness that at the risk of losing your head – literally and figuratively – you simply duck, and allow yourself to watch where the chips may fall.  Letting yourself watch this game of life and knowing it is not yours to control, gives you immense…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: What am I Owed? (Saturday, February 6, 2016)

Someone owes you an explanation, maybe an apology.  Another owes you money, a favour, a dinner, a drive, rent or a report.  Perhaps you’re owed more:  something better than what you have, who you’re with or who you’re not with… maybe you’re owed a better life period.  And here’s the rub – when a sense of being owed becomes a sense of entitlement, you’re in dangerous waters.  Life owes you nothing; you owe the life you are living everything.…


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