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March 2016 Blog Posts (4)

Kita's Gentle Message: Rest Easy With Your Family (Saturday, March 26, 2016)

No family is perfect. Someone rubs you the wrong way. You’re having challenges with your partner. Your teenage son is willfully defying you. Aunt Marion needs daily care in her home. The daycare provider has called in sick again. Another business trip leaves you home alone to deal with the renos. Will you ever have time for yourself again? The demands seem endless yet they are the stuff of relationships – of family life moving forward. Happiness studies show that…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Don’t Try to Figure It Out (Saturday March 19, 2016)

“Some things don’t have an answer – especially the ones that deal with the sad stuff that happens to us in life. “Why did this happen to me?” “I don’t understand. How could she do that? I haven’t done anything to deserve this.” “What a shame. He’s such a good person. And now this…” “It seems they have nothing but bad luck. I wouldn’t want to be them.” What makes circumstances like these even tougher is that they occur unexpectedly. Not only are they painful, you’re…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Unseen Forces (Saturday, March 12, 2016)

Any of you caught in turbulence last week?  Whether it was the eclipse or New Moon, I felt I was being buffeted.  Not knowing why or even by whom or what but definitely interrupted from going about my daily business.  I’ve since emerged stronger and renewed.  Was last week deliberately set up to test me?  Is the Universe so calculating?  Or so magnificent that it can unsettle you in order to have you resettle more aware and grateful?  It’s like being spiritually…


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Kita’s Gentle Message:  “Fear” the Catchword These Days (Saturday, March 5, 2016)

It seems I’m reading and hearing the word “fear” lots these days – from the fear mongering statements of Donald Trump to the “cast out fear” pleas of the spiritually intended to the latest “let’s scare you silly” zombie/catastrophic end of the world movie.  Emotional extremism is everywhere: as if our jaded senses need an extra hit of anxiety inducing adrenalin to make us feel alive.  Ironically, “feeling alive” is meant to be positive.  Instead, these emotional…


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