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April 2013 Blog Posts (22)

The Honor of Kings

The Honor of Kings

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory (honor) of kings is to search out a matter.”

Proverbs 25:2

Some of God’s mysteries will only be revealed in Heaven. But He has many for us to uncover here and now. He delights in our desire to search out things and will patiently lead us in our pursuit of answers. Sometimes these searches are to unlock spiritual mysteries and sometimes they are…


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Kita's Gentle Message: Forget About "How"

Most of us have dreams we want to fulfill.  Once discovered and defined, we go after them.  Where challenges have arisen for me, is in the execution – the rollout if you like – of “how” I’m getting to said destination.  I plan what steps I should take and proceed accordingly.  When things are not unfolding as I think they should, frustration and disappointment result.  Main tip here?  Forget about the “how” and let the flow of circumstances and people that enter…


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Three For One

I’m honored to share the details of my latest testimonial and online interview and my next radio interview.

Last summer at the High Country Pet Fest in Banner Elk, NC, I met a lovely German gal, who has since become a wonderful client and friend. Lindi has a handsome Rottweiler, Bambi, who I was able to help using both my skills as an animal communicator and healer. I want to thank Lindi for her willingness to share Bambi’s story in her glowing…


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Sustainable Fruit

Sustainable Fruit

In the last month I have spoken to three different groups, a church, university students and a business management team, and each time the Lord has focused on this theme. “How can I have results that last and make a difference in my world?” It all comes down to two words, roots, and fruit.

Picture a fruit tree. A fruit tree has three main parts, roots, trunk, and fruit. All of these parts are essential and…


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It Then Led Her Elsewhere

       There wasn't any noise or movement or any other logical explanation that night for Kirsta waking up. She was a sound sleeper and far from the habit of waking randomly during Earth's dark hours. Her bed was soft, adorned with sumptuous, one-hundred-percent cotton peacock patterened sheets, with matching down throw pillows that she claimed to her mother she had to have.…


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Kita's Gentle Message: Break the Mold (Sunday, April 21, 2013)

I went to the opera last night – something I’m not a fan of, not into, but my mom was in town and is an opera buff so we went to Barber of Seville. Guess what?  It was funny, entertaining and Rossini’s music is easy on the ears.  I may even go see another performance…  Interesting to move from, “I don’t like” and “I’d never do that”, to “I’d like to try that again.”  Makes me wonder what else I’ve missed enjoying  because “It’s not for me.”  Time to break the mold,…


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Free Kindle download for Lady Justice and the Assassin

Free Kindle download for Lady Justice and the Assassin, the 13th volume in my Lady Justice mystery/comedy series.…


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Finding Your Next Pet

During a communication session, after hearing how my friend and client, Patt Sendejas, located her adorable Golden Retriever pup, Bear, I asked Patt if she would mind sharing her story on my Blog. I felt her story about finding Bear would help others recognize the miraculous ability the Universe has of uniting two individuals as long as we stay out of its way. So many struggle after the loss of an animal companion. They are afraid to open themselves up…


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From Afar . . .

The world is unique during the switch from night to day. Early morning carries with it its own look and smell and feel. She knew. She, by now, was very well aquainted with all of these.

       At this point, she was quite familiar with the sensation of the blanket sliding off her body, bunched off to the side like a downy cliff, and her feet, sockless, touching down on the cool floor by her…


Added by Emily Kinney on April 15, 2013 at 3:35pm — No Comments

Tokyo Bossa Nova

Tokyo Bossa Nova, by Martin Roth, introduces Feisty Ferreira, a unique and interesting character that is sure to show up in a sequel or two. Geologist turned financial analyst, she is a divorced Christian in her thirties; originally from Brazil, educated in the States, and now living in Australia. If that isn’t enough, she’s a philanthropist of sorts and owns an orphanage in the Philippines. She’s also a bit of a sleuth,…


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Kita's Gentle Message: Sometimes the Unreasonable is the Answer (Saturday, April 13, 2013)

If only it were this easy.  Logic spells out all the advantages for you to take a certain path – whether it involves a job, a relationship, a move, or your health.  Reason, of course, agrees and your road ahead is perfectly clear.  But something inside tells you otherwise.  There’s no safety net here only the sense of being unreasonable in the eyes of the world.  Be you.  When you seize the day, you may also be jumping off a cliff.…


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Darkest Hour - Book Four in the Sanctuary Point Series

Darkest Hour is the fourth in the Sanctuary Point Series of murder mysteries by author Nike Chillemi. The series takes place during the post World War Two era in Sanctuary Point, a quaint New England town. In this fourth installment, Chief Medical Examiner Hank Jansen champions accused murderess, Lucinda Byrne when her boss, one of the town’s doctors, if found shot to death. There are plenty of twists and turns as the mystery unravels, and of course, love blossoms as Hank and…


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Still Life In Shadows

Still Life In Shadows by Alice Wisler is a book with many layers. There is a thread of romance, but the real theme of the book is learning to forgive, learning to let go, and learning to trust yourself. The very unique thing about this book is that it is written from two very different points of view, and not those that you would expect. Gideon Miller escaped from the Amish community fifteen years ago. He has managed to carve out a life for himself as a mechanic and an…


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Plot of my book.

When she becomes stranded on an unknown island, feisty fourteen-year-old Milo Hestler accidentally gets engaged to the boy who rescues her.        Being a girl of high principles and plenty of attitude, she is furious, believing that she is far to young to be involved in something as profound and serious as marriage. Not to mention, her new fiance is virtually a stranger and they don't even speak the same language!

       However, despite her strenuous objections, an interpreter on the…


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Dance On Fire a Review

Dance On Fire by James Garcia Jr. is definitely NOT your typical vampire tale. Nathaniel is a rogue vampire in that he actually has a good heart and does not want to hurt humans. Apparently he escaped from his creator, an evil vampire named Vincent. Vincent is now on a quest to find Nathaniel. When he finds him in a small California town, all hell breaks loose. The annual Swedish festival is about to take place, but grizzly murders begin showing up in the otherwise peaceful town. Vincent…


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The Art of My Life

The Art of My Life is the second book by author Ann Lee Miller that I’ve read, and with it, she has officially been placed in my ‘favorite authors’ file. We met the main characters Aly and Cal in a previous book by Miller called Kicking Eternity, (which made my top five list for 2012). Aly is a self deprecating nymphomaniac on a path of destruction while Cal is an eccentric artist and surfer; the rogue son of a pastor. They have both grown and…


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Brother Half Angel

a review of the book by Martin Roth

American missionaries are in China, working at a Bible College that fronts as an English school. Their presence is not agreeable to many in the town, including an ancient martial arts sect known as the ‘Flower Boxers’. The story actually begins with a massacre of some missionaries almost a century earlier, carried out by the same sect. The grandson of one of the martyrs is now working at the school, feeling it is his mission to carry on the work…


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Kita's Gentle Message: Life is Not Negotiated; it Just Happens (Saturday, April 6, 2013)

There was a time when I sought the answer to the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  No matter how much I thought, read or prayed about it, my mind gave me no satisfactory response.  As if reason could reconcile such a great mystery.  It can’t.  And here is where you leave the realm of the senses to enter the realm of the mystical – the place of heart and soul in which life’s mysteries and miracles can be found.  Not to be understood but to be felt…


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