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September 2012 Blog Posts (20)

Thanks For Checking Out My Site

 I am a Author, Novelist, Illustrator, Poet, Also known as Independent Recording Artist, Trisha Blue Water.

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Kita's Gentle Message: It's Marathon Time (Thursday, September 27, 2012)

My weekly message is going out a little earlier than usual as I’ll be driving to New York State tomorrow to run the Wineglass Tour marathon on Sunday morning.  Am I crazy?  Perhaps, but also happy.  Why?   Because I’ve  been training for this race for months now, and am almost there.  It’s a psychological fact that working towards something meaningful gives people a greater sense of happiness than having immediate gratification.  Goal setting and achieving takes…


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I Didn't Expect This!

I Didn’t Expect This!

What do you do when you step out in obedience to do something you believe the Lord has called you to and through no fault of yours, but because of circumstances beyond your control it turns out much different than what you expected? What if all your plans and efforts go “south”, or horribly wrong? Can you still say “God is good”?

The sobering reality is that the unexpected is part of life. Business deals go…


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Kita's Gentle Message; What's Right With You? (Saturday, September 22, 2012)

In researching my latest book, “The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required”, the perspective of positive psychologist Dr. Martin Seligman is refreshing and badly needed.  We’ve spent so much time studying and analyzing what’s wrong with us, that we’ve ignored the traits that make us pretty good.  Dr. Seligman calls these positive characteristics our strengths and virtues.  Go ahead - take the VIA Strengths Survey at…


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Kita's Gentle Message: The Urge to Call

With three sons who no longer live with me, there comes a sudden moment when I feel compelled to get in touch with each one of them.  The timing is never the same and the reason for calling may not be the same but the urge to get in touch is unmistakeably the same.  Is this the feeling all mothers have?  Some more than others?  At any rate, the urge I have is a good one – mixed with love, longing and curiosity as to what may be going on in their lives.  And so far…


Added by Kita Szpak on September 14, 2012 at 1:27pm — No Comments

Chaiku, Another Style of Poem


Title: Chaiku Poem Anthology

Author: Fida Abbott (The Author of…


Added by Fida Abbott on September 14, 2012 at 10:31am — No Comments

Lights in Dark Places

Lights in Dark Places

Where do you find Mountain Takers, people of influence for the Kingdom of God? Everywhere! We expect to find them in the usual places on all 7 Mountains of culture (Business, Education, Government, Family, Arts and Entertainment, Media, and Religion) But what we may not be prepared for are Mountain Takers in unusual places, “Lights in Dark Places”. Today I want to introduce you to one of them.

The idea of famous athletes being bold about their faith is not…


Added by Carl Jenks on September 11, 2012 at 4:47pm — No Comments

Pharmakeia - a review

Excellent story – Strong language warning


Pharmakeia by Dan Calabrese is the second book in a series about demonic forces that rock the small city of Royal Oak. In book number one, Powers and Principalities, Clay Bender is ‘gifted’ with the ability to see demons and despite the fact that he is less than enthusiastic about his new ability, he must prevent a catastrophic disaster. In Pharmakeia, we are reunited with Clay and his friends…


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Kita's Gentle Message: Nothing But the Truth (Saturday, September 8,2012)

A few years ago, I pulled out a “Truth” card out of a deck of angel cards and it’s been sitting on my desk since then.  It’s not always easy to look at as it compels me to say it like it is which isn’t easy.  And the little message reads, “Tell the truth.  Integrity is the key to living an authentic life,” which adds to the rawness of it all.  If you’re in this space, it demands painful courage of you while at the same time gifting you with dignity and…


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Colours In Blackness - a review

This YA novel reminded me a bit of the Marvel ‘X-Men’ series in that it’s about a group of ‘gifted’ teens who are sent to a special school to help them learn to hone their powers. The main character, Laura, suffers from terrible migraine headaches and during one of these episodes she sees a horrific vision which then comes to pass. Apparently she can predict the future and so she is sent to the school so that she can learn to control her visions and potentially avert disasters from…


Added by Tracy Krauss on September 5, 2012 at 7:30pm — No Comments

Show Then Tell

Show then Tell

For millions of children today is the first day of the new school year. It’s a time of excitement, with many bursting inside to tell their friends and classmates about their summer exploits. Part of this fall rite of passage into a new academic season will be the tradition known as “Show and Tell.” Someone will bring a prized acquisition to the front of the class, relate how they came to possess it, and then proudly show…


Added by Carl Jenks on September 5, 2012 at 1:23pm — No Comments

Animal Communication & Trailering Troubles

I’m pleased to share my latest testimonial about how communicating with an animal can ease the stress and anxiety for everyone involved during a move. I want to thank my dear client, Michelle Yanstick, for allowing me to help her young horse, Mac, during a challenging time for all of them. This is a perfect example of why I am blessed to be able to telepathically communicate with animals. It is so gratifying. I truly love what I do! Go to “Testimonials…


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Mom's Story

Mom's Story available at Barnes and Noble:

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The Vengeance Squad

Chris McCowan, a computer science professor, witnesses the brutal murder of his finance by what appears to be a terrorist group. As he tries to come to grips with his loss, he turns his back on his faith, becoming obsessed with a need to exact revenge on the perpetrators, and thus the ‘Vengeance Squad’ is born.  With the help of one of his students - a wheelchair bound ex-con, and a matronly librarian who also happens to have cash and clout with various government agencies, Chris and Co. set…


Added by Tracy Krauss on September 4, 2012 at 4:30pm — No Comments

Triumph through Trials - a review

Triumph Through Trial – a Story of Renewal by Theresa Franklin follows the day to day life of a seemingly happy couple on the cusp of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. On the surface, they appear to have the ideal marriage and family, but this is far from reality. Even though they are Christians they are not necessarily happy or even satisfied with life. So what should they do? Much of the book reads like a diary of day to day living and a lot of the conflict centers…


Added by Tracy Krauss on September 3, 2012 at 4:34pm — No Comments

The End of the Tale!

Please enjoy the final portion of The Shaman’s Unexpected Gift, which is my September “Horse Tales & Teachers” column for StableWoman Gazette. These last three columns are excerpts from my latest book Tales of an Animal Communicator ~ Master Teachers. Don’t forget a portion of the proceeds from the sales go to my local Humane Society, Noah’s Wish, and The Wild Horse Sanctuary in CA. Print copies purchased through my Website create the largest donation. You will find the…


Added by Nancy A Kaiser on September 3, 2012 at 9:49am — No Comments

Perilous Shadows - a review

Nike Chillemi has done it again in PERILOUS SHADOWS, the third book in her Sanctuary Point Series. This page turning ‘who-dunnit’ is another home-run for the self proclaimed ‘crime-fictionista’, with plenty of action, suspense, surprises, and quirky characters. The book follows the ‘leads’ of investigative reporter and broadcaster Argus Nye, whom we’ve met as an interesting, though minor, character in the first two installments of the series. This time, his talent for sniffing…


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Kita's Gentle Message: Stealing Time (Saturday, September 1, 2012)

I’ve just come across a literary magazine for parents called “Stealing Time”. Is it only parents who get to/need to steal time? How do you steal time anyway? By taking the batteries out of the kitchen clock? By telling someone you’re busy when you’re not? By siding with the physicists and proclaiming that “time doesn’t exist”? Or is it when you smile and do exactly what you want to...? I think that’s stealing time, don’t you?
Take care,

Added by Kita Szpak on September 1, 2012 at 4:31pm — No Comments

Sunday Night Fun!

I’ll be starting off September with a Sunday night interview, Sept. 2nd  from 7 – 9 pm ET, with Ann Rowell on her radio show, Seers of the Soul. We’ll have plenty of time to discuss my life communicating, healing, and caring for animals and their people as well as my two award-winning books. Join us and call-in with any questions you have for me. Remember, there are no stupid questions! Find us at:…


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knowledge and Truth

The only reason why one starts a journey in knowledge is to arrive at the truth.Knowledge is a vehicle and the and truth is the destination.On arriving at the truth, knowledge and truth merge into a single sea of wisdom.

My work The end of knowledge-a reduction of philosophy is an independent inquiry into reality and begins at the begining.

The aim of the work is an attempt to decipher the  empirical meanings of life.

As the journey begun in knowledge reaches the…


Added by Manickam Nambi on September 1, 2012 at 9:00am — No Comments

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