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October 2016 Blog Posts (12)

Pump Up Your Book Announces Your Body, Your Style Virtual Book Tour

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Pump Up Your Book! is proud to announce Rani St. Pucchi’s Your Body, Your Style: Simple Tips on Dressing to Flatter virtual book tour starting November 1 and ending February 10.  Rani will be guest appearing at blogs throughout the U.S. and international regions talking…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Expect the Unexpected (Saturday, October 29, 2016)

Though I live in eastern Canada where the cold weather is famously celebrated and criticized for its fall arrival and lingering ways until springtime, it was still a surprise to see a snowfall days before Halloween. Though the white stuff was gone by next day, its unexpected appearance served to imbalance the norm. And I draw an analogy from this weather episode, wondering how centred, how strong, how principled I am in the face of the unexpected and sudden life…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: What’s Wrong with this Picture? (Saturday, October 22, 2016)

Social agencies being closed for lack of funds; incarcerated folks with mental issues, children diagnosed with diabetes, stress, obesity, trauma; job cuts citing efficiency over community well-being; rising food prices despite a glut on the market; banks celebrating billion dollar profits while families face debt; little difference between truth and lies; preoccupation with consuming more while the soul starves. This picture is so unbalanced that it will topple.…


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Toys What Are Toys The Meaning of Toys

Was starting to read a new book called "Toys" by James Patterson. So in the front they give a definition of the word toy. Toy: A material object for children or others to play with; a plaything; also something contrived for amusement rather than for practical use.

Well I thought about how it is use toward relationships how people are call ' joy toys or love toys' for someone's fun and meaning nothing to them. So I wanted to change that meaning and make a toy something…


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Take A Knee

Growing up I hated the 49er's  & I am still not a fan of them now. But as a kid they own the Cowboys & that made me sick. Yet one thing you had for a team with class & great talent was respect. When Colin Kaepernick did that sit down then spoke out about social injustice a lot of people loss their mind  and said how could he too many good people died for this country. That went to show you how many people don't listen. He was protest the things that the people fight for and…


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Helping someone in need!

When Her Son Started Asking for Two Lunches, This Mom Was Blown Away By the Reason

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We Can Make a Difference

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Kita’s Gentle Message: Do the Little Things Well (Saturday, October 15, 2016)

It’s the small favours that family and friends ask of you that add up to how you are as a person.  The one-off big things whether a home crisis or health calamity have us whipped up in no time to respond prudently, effectively, even courageously. The incidental sometimes leaves us shrugging our shoulders, wishing it would go away, irritated, calling it a nuisance – an unnecessary interruption in our important lives… Yet these small interruptions are exactly what…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Engage! (Saturday, October 8, 2016)

You’ve spent a long time completing the workshops, examining the issues, studying the course, practising the routine, rehearsing the song, memorizing the words, meditating in your sanctuary… Now it’s time to engage with the world where your goodness can make a difference. Like the mother bird that pushes her babies out of the nest to fly – because she knows they can, I encourage you to take a deep breath, take the plunge, and engage – because you…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Take the Leap into the Unknown (Saturday, October 1, 2016)

It’s something new that you’ve never done before or perhaps something that you haven’t done for a long while. More daunting – there’s a deadline to completing this activity, task, chore, assignment, duty, objective, desire that unnerves you.  You can feel the butterflies in your stomach as you begin, knowing that it’s now or never. Your mind has all the “what if’s” while your heart urges on with “you can do it”. And which voice will you listen to? I don’t even have…


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