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November 2016 Blog Posts (5)

Kita’s Gentle Message: You Don’t Have To (Saturday, November 26, 2016)

You don’t have to follow the crowd, please your parents, apologize for being shy, pick up the slack, go on a diet, see the must-see movie, drive a car, get the latest iPhone, compare notes, bring coffee, put on an addition, talk about the election, agree with your boss, eat lunch at your desk, carry your son’s hockey equipment, buy another flat-screen TV, use Botox, stay up late,…if you don’t want to. Ask your soul first what it wants of you and follow that path…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: The Incomplete Allows for Perfection (Saturday, November 19, 2016)

Recently I’ve come to know the Enso Circle – a circle that can be drawn either closed or not closed. The idea of the circle not being closed allows for further movement and development until completion or perfection is reached.  The same can be said of us. You are in movement and development until you are complete and perfect. This potential for perfection is in you now. I find this thought remarkably encouraging and delightful: you are everything you can be. Your…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Your Purpose is Ever Constant (Saturday, November 12, 2016)

A great sense of change is no doubt upon us as we awaken to the fact that nothing will ever be the same again. Change is always a challenge but a change that necessitates a paradigm shift into the unknown is even more daunting. The reassurance here is the fact that your purpose for being in this life has not changed or altered in any way. What you are here for today is exactly what you were here for the day you were born. Divine design is ever constant though…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Gentle, Gentle, Gentle (Saturday, November 5, 2016)

I’m sure you’re not surprised that the word “gentle” means  a lot to me – more so than ever before especially in the go, go, go everyday life we are experiencing.  Increasing distractions seeped in noise and frenetic activity surround us like a sound monster that’s taking great delight in making us feel edgy, scattered and irritable.  Imagine what it must be like for little ones taking this in – an ear assault that shows no mercy.  I ask you to go “gentle into that…


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When you prayed about that problem, you gave it to Me, and then something happened to cause you to dwell on it again. Now, you cannot seem to get the problem off your mind, and the peace you received has slowly faded away. You…


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