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December 2014 Blog Posts (5)

Kita's Gentle Message: You Have the Power (Saturday, December 27, 2014)

Logic loves structures, systems, categories, processes, methodologies, theories, formulas, but has little or no time for imagination, creativity, miracles and the unseen. And because we, for the most part, have been schooled to think and believe logically, the stuff of dreams hasn’t been allowed to enter our realm of existence. I say, “Allow yourself to wander and wonder. Suspend critical thought and usher in fancy.” It is only then that you begin to see and…


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Kita's Special Message; Happy, Happy Holidays (Wednesday, December 24, 2014)

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for being with me and my Gentle Messages every week. I read your emails with gratitude and appreciation. It makes me very happy that writing these little epistles is making a difference in your lives and so I will continue to write them for you. Have a beautifully blessed holiday season and wonderful New Year. And yes, there will be a Gentle Message…

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Kita's Gentle Message: Own It (Saturday, December 20, 2014)

Jeepers creepers, I’ve been having a week where people in authority – managers, chiefs of staff, business owners when initially talking to me have said, “Yes, this will be taken care of,” and it hasn’t been. When confronted with this fact, they’ve wiggled and squirmed their way out of taking responsibility. How this dismays me. With title comes accountability. Step up. Face it. Own it. Be it. Pay that buck forward instead of passing it especially at this time of…


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Kita's Gentle Message: Stretching the Soul (Sunday, December 14, 2014)

"As you can see this Gentle Message is coming a little later than usual. My mother has relocated to a retirement home and the last few days have been spent moving her, and ensuring she is all right during this significant life transition. It's disruptive, messy, challenging and tiring. True service is never convenient or tidy. It begs for unconditional love and stretches the soul."

To your Happiness,…


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Kita's Gentle Message: What are You Holding Onto? (Saturday, December 6, 2014)

"When a toddler, my middle son had a crocheted “Donald Duck” that he carried with him everywhere. His “Ducky” was his worry stone, soother, comfort and moral support all rolled into one. His Dad and I were ever watchful to ensure Ducky never left Robert’s side. However, one day the inevitable happened: upon returning from the park, Ducky was nowhere to be found. Robert was inconsolable; we were frantic. I retraced our steps going and returning from the playground…


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