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Kita’s Gentle Message: See What You Have (Saturday, February 11, 2017)

Your shoulder has been bothering you since you got up this morning. “I can’t believe it.  Why would this happen to me now when I’ve got so many things to do today,” you say to yourself.  There are a couple of ways to manage this train of thought: your body is merely telling you to slow down and you’re wise to heed its guidance; second, when you did wake up, were you in a warm bed? Did you have breakfast? Despite the shoulder’s soreness, could you still get into your…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Faith and Trust (Saturday, February 4, 2017)

A little boy was being put to bed by his nana. As she tucked him in, she shared this thought with him: “If you lie here and listen for the front door to open, you’ll know it’s Mommy and she’ll come right upstairs to cuddle with you. She should be here soon.” With that said, nana kissed her grandson good night and silently made her way downstairs. All was now quiet. Minutes later the front door opened; the young woman greeted nana and they exchanged a quick update…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Find a Way (Saturday, January 21, 2017)

I’m leaving for a week-long trip to visit family and friends on the west coast in a couple of days. With work commitments, appointments, family needs and events that are scheduled this weekend, my 24-hour day is packed.  Being in the moment helps as I focus on the task at hand and do not let myself think ahead – otherwise I would feel overwhelmed.  I’m also writing this at six in the morning having risen earlier to accommodate today’s schedule.  I’m taking Mom to…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Who Needs You Now? (Saturday, January 14, 2016)

No question – you’re being pulled in all directions: demands at work spilling over into your down time (whatever that is); a neighbour needing a hand with his move; the teacher calling for muffins at the school raffle; municipal meeting on the water bylaw coming up; Ray’s birthday on Saturday; gym morning with your girlfriend; looming tax deadline; “bangs falling in my eyes got to get to the hairdresser” time; and the paint chips are still lying on the dining room…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Allow Yourself the Impossible (Saturday, January 7, 2017)

How are you making out with the one kind thought challenge? And if this is a good reminder then it’s served the purpose. Besides making room for your kindness service, I encourage you to think about the impossible. What seems to be totally out of your reach right now? A well-paying career? A healthy relationship? A strong constitution? Travelling to Australia? Respect from your kids? A bigger place to live? You fill in the blank, remove the limitations that have…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Just One Thought Every Day (Saturday, December 31, 2016)

Your thoughts are clustering intensely as you look to the New Year ahead.  “What do I have to look forward to?” “Am I going to make enough money this year?” “Will I finally lose those five pounds?” “I hope I can get to the gym more than I did.” There’s a lot on your mind as you get to start afresh in 2017.  Is it possible to fit just one more thought in your head? Just one more thought about someone else besides you? How about one thoughtful thought about someone…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Be Kind and All Will be Well (Saturday, December 24, 2016)

No need for big presents or extravagant dinners; well-timed jokes or fancy drinks; a perfect dress or the latest look; a rehearsed compliment or last-minute email explanation; a vacation to get away or party to go to; no need for impatience, frustration, boredom or feeling full; the only thing needed is to be kind and all will be well with you and your world this remarkable time of year.  Happy holidays!

To your…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Repeating Your Story (Saturday, December 17, 2016)

I met up with some friends yesterday whom I hadn’t seen for months, and of course we played “catch up” with what’s been going on in our respective lives.  As you know this kind of conversation understandably brings up past events and situations that spill into the now. I found myself telling a story in its pre-present context and feeling a little uncomfortable about it. “Why this story is no longer true the way I’m describing it,” I thought to myself.  “The people,…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Unexplainable Love (Saturday, December 10, 2016)

Whether the love of your partner or father, the love of your children, your wife, the neighbour next door, the work colleague you’ve worked with for 10 years; the love of a memory that still sits within you and emerges every time you call out to it; the love of favourite jeans now so soft to the touch; the love of a particular melody that makes you emotional when you hear it; the love of cookies baking in the oven; the love of repeating a poem from childhood; the…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: And There’s the Waiting, Too (Saturday, December 3, 2016)

Every quest, objective and goal is filled with excitement, personal passion, anticipation, careful planning, hard work, probably some fear, and uninvited criticism but it must be admitted there is heaps of waiting on this journey of yours, too. The waiting is deceptive as thoughts of “I’ve probably made a mistake” or “I’ve bitten off more than I can chew” arise causing you to think you’re on the wrong path. Waiting is part of it. How else can you develop the necessary patience,…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: You Don’t Have To (Saturday, November 26, 2016)

You don’t have to follow the crowd, please your parents, apologize for being shy, pick up the slack, go on a diet, see the must-see movie, drive a car, get the latest iPhone, compare notes, bring coffee, put on an addition, talk about the election, agree with your boss, eat lunch at your desk, carry your son’s hockey equipment, buy another flat-screen TV, use Botox, stay up late,…if you don’t want to. Ask your soul first what it wants of you and follow that path…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: The Incomplete Allows for Perfection (Saturday, November 19, 2016)

Recently I’ve come to know the Enso Circle – a circle that can be drawn either closed or not closed. The idea of the circle not being closed allows for further movement and development until completion or perfection is reached.  The same can be said of us. You are in movement and development until you are complete and perfect. This potential for perfection is in you now. I find this thought remarkably encouraging and delightful: you are everything you can be. Your…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Your Purpose is Ever Constant (Saturday, November 12, 2016)

A great sense of change is no doubt upon us as we awaken to the fact that nothing will ever be the same again. Change is always a challenge but a change that necessitates a paradigm shift into the unknown is even more daunting. The reassurance here is the fact that your purpose for being in this life has not changed or altered in any way. What you are here for today is exactly what you were here for the day you were born. Divine design is ever constant though…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Gentle, Gentle, Gentle (Saturday, November 5, 2016)

I’m sure you’re not surprised that the word “gentle” means  a lot to me – more so than ever before especially in the go, go, go everyday life we are experiencing.  Increasing distractions seeped in noise and frenetic activity surround us like a sound monster that’s taking great delight in making us feel edgy, scattered and irritable.  Imagine what it must be like for little ones taking this in – an ear assault that shows no mercy.  I ask you to go “gentle into that…


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When you prayed about that problem, you gave it to Me, and then something happened to cause you to dwell on it again. Now, you cannot seem to get the problem off your mind, and the peace you received has slowly faded away. You…


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Pump Up Your Book Announces Your Body, Your Style Virtual Book Tour

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Pump Up Your Book! is proud to announce Rani St. Pucchi’s Your Body, Your Style: Simple Tips on Dressing to Flatter virtual book tour starting November 1 and ending February 10.  Rani will be guest appearing at blogs throughout the U.S. and international regions talking…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: Expect the Unexpected (Saturday, October 29, 2016)

Though I live in eastern Canada where the cold weather is famously celebrated and criticized for its fall arrival and lingering ways until springtime, it was still a surprise to see a snowfall days before Halloween. Though the white stuff was gone by next day, its unexpected appearance served to imbalance the norm. And I draw an analogy from this weather episode, wondering how centred, how strong, how principled I am in the face of the unexpected and sudden life…


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Kita’s Gentle Message: What’s Wrong with this Picture? (Saturday, October 22, 2016)

Social agencies being closed for lack of funds; incarcerated folks with mental issues, children diagnosed with diabetes, stress, obesity, trauma; job cuts citing efficiency over community well-being; rising food prices despite a glut on the market; banks celebrating billion dollar profits while families face debt; little difference between truth and lies; preoccupation with consuming more while the soul starves. This picture is so unbalanced that it will topple.…


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Toys What Are Toys The Meaning of Toys

Was starting to read a new book called "Toys" by James Patterson. So in the front they give a definition of the word toy. Toy: A material object for children or others to play with; a plaything; also something contrived for amusement rather than for practical use.

Well I thought about how it is use toward relationships how people are call ' joy toys or love toys' for someone's fun and meaning nothing to them. So I wanted to change that meaning and make a toy something…


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