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I just love it when the Lord Jesus does something through one of His kids that is totally unexpected. He loves to surprise people! When that happens even those who don’t understand what’s truly going on are affected. My wife and I recently witnessed one of these moments on TV of all places.

We were watching a popular cooking show on which four chefs compete for a title and a cash prize. On this episode, one of the chefs, we will call him, Chuck, was introduced as the executive chef of a Christian camp/resort. As the competition progressed Chuck shared that he was looking to the Lord to help him do his best. Throughout the show Chuck demonstrated the character of Jesus with his fellow competitors and the celebrity chef judges. His words and attitude were very different from some of the other contestants. 

At different points in the show each of the competing chefs was asked why they wanted to win and what they would do with the prize money. One of the contestants, a French émigré, shared that she wanted to go back to France to visit her ailing grandmother, who was the one who raised her and taught her to cook.

Eventually the only two chefs left in the competition were Chuck and this lady. They were very evenly matched and it was uncertain who would win. When Chuck finally won and was declared the “Champion” everyone started to congratulate him and to say good bye to the visibly disappointed French chef, until Jesus surprised them all.

Chuck interrupted the proceedings to do something that caught everyone off guard. He declared that he and his family did not need all the prize money for themselves. He told the French chef that his family wanted to take some of their winnings to purchase a ticket for her to go to France to see her grandmother. The jaws of all the judges and the show’s host dropped. They had stunned looks on their faces. Nothing like this had ever happened on the show before! Everyone knew that Chuck was a Christian and now they had just witnessed a demonstration of the love of Jesus. The French chef began to cry, Chuck gave her a hug, and the show ended. The host was so dumbfounded by what had just happened he didn’t have words to close the show!

Go Jesus!

I hope this true story encourages you too, fellow Mountain Taker. You never know where Jesus may choose to surprise others through you!  



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