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Amnesia Alibi by Anita K. May chronicles the lives a Tim and Leesa, a young couple whose relationship has been marred by broken trust and alcohol abuse. Ultimately, it points the way to a savior who can bring restoration and healing in even the most disastrous circumstances. Tim has a drinking problem which is threatening his marriage and his family. Things come to a head when he has an accident and one of his friends is killed. There are many poignant moments in the book and even some sinister activity which adds drama. I enjoyed the story as it unfolded and like the author’s voice. I will admit, sometimes the ‘evangelistic’ parts seemed long, but I suppose this is to make sure non-believers get the Christian message. To be honest, the book started out a bit slow for me. There was a fair bit of back story and perhaps too many points of view used. However, as I continued to read, things started to pick up and by the middle of the book I was genuinely engaged and wanted to finish it. In the end, I was glad that I did, as the story itself is believable, touching and full of hope.

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