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Title: Chaiku Poem Anthology

Author: Fida Abbott (The Author of Enthusiasm, Xlibris Corporation, USA 2010)

Published by: Fida Abbott (, 2011)

Pages: 20

Price: $20.47 (3 mini books)

Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback

Interior Ink: Full color

Weight: 0.44 lbs.

Dimensions (inches): 5.25 wide x 3.5 tall


The author defines Chaiku-a word that may still sounds peculiar to us – as anew neologism of two last letters from the word Chinese, Ch and four last letters of the word Haiku, AIKU. Chaiku refers to an idea that Chinese rhyme may have the same role as Haiku in the composition of English poem.    


HAIKU generally consists of three lines, in which the first and the third lines have five syllables and the second line composed in seven syllables. Meanwhile, Chaiku has four lines where each line should be composed in four syllables. It can be four words consist of one syllable or four syllables without considering the number of words. No limitation for the number of quatrain in Chaiku. It may have one quatrain or more. A poem about love published in to follow is one example of Chaiku, four words in one line and has four syllables.


Though clothes should suit

Men short or Tall

Souls dress in love

One size fits all


In her mini book, Chaiku Poem AnthologyFida wrote 8 beautiful poems that have deep meaning. They were written from any ideas in her personal life. Five of eight Chaiku written in this book tell the writer’s personal life. The Moon narrates Fida’s homesickness and her beloved ones in Indonesia as she lives in USA and cannot visit them any time. It is clearly represented in the last quatrain of Chaiku, entitled The Moon.


I just want you

To help sending

My warm regards

To them I love


Other prominent Chaiku, The World Largest Archipelago is the expression of the writer’s love to her motherland, Indonesia and its main life principle, unity in diversity. Its second and fourth quatrains evoke pride as an Indonesian.


More seventeen

Thousands islands

You might not know

Most unnamed


Thousands ethnics

Hundreds languages

In one nation



Another Chaiku entitled 2010 Birthday Gift shows  the writer’s happiness because of her pregnancy in 2010. The third and fourth quatrains of this poem show her flaming happiness which is unbearable for not being expressed into a poem, Chaiku.


My birthday gift

the most special

a surprise gift

I expected


Now he or she


still in my womb

warm and secure


In addition,  First Winter, First Snow tells the writer’s new life in USA and Rainy Days is the expression of her hobby, gardening. In this mini book, Chaiku Poem Anthology, readers are not only given Chaiku about the writer’s personal life, it also has Summer Fun and Paradise that tells about summer holiday and general idea about paradise.


To those who love simplicity in the beauty of words, Chaiku Poem Anthology is a reading alternative that results in admiration, new knowledge, and satisfaction. Aside of My Beautiful Garden that was not written according to the rules of Chaiku, I do not find any weak points of this book. My Beautiful Garden that consists of more than four lines should not be included in this book as it deviates from the theme of this book. However, beautiful pictures, including the writer’s caricature, words, lines, quatrains, and title to title of Chaiku that have deep meaning in this mini book will definitely bring readers to the last page. Also, it is a good choice to pick as a small and sweet gift for family and friends.  A special gift  to enjoy and share with others. Enjoy reading! (*)


Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia, September 14, 2012

Written by Heni Kurniawati

The Author of "Novel Menggapai Impian, Merengkuh Cinta" (MIMC--in Indonesian version)


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