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Mountain taking in whatever sphere is a day to day process, with each day holding its own surprises and opportunities. At times it’s the “surprises”, aka disappointments that that help equip and inform us on our journeys. We have just experienced one of those “surprises”.

The “take away” is the importance of truthfulness and honesty, coupled with the reminder of the Scripture, “Your sin will find you out.”

Several months ago my wife, Susi, did some free-lance work with a firm that she had worked for before. There was every expectation on her part that based on past experience this would be a successful, creative, and enjoyable assignment. The actual work was all three. It’s what happened after the work was done that held the “surprise.”

In this particular line of work the normal payment is due in 30 days. After nearly 60 days with no communication or payment, Susi made inquiry to the firm in question, only to be informed that due to some changes with payroll processing there would be a further a delay, and that in fact, Susi would need to fill out a new and lengthy set of forms, duplicating ones already on file. While not given any clear explanation as to why, she complied.

After 90 days without any payment Susi made inquiry again, this time being told that because she had not filled out a form (already on file!) to someone’s satisfaction the form had been re-filled out for her, but payment would be delayed further.

It’s here where honesty and sin collide. Unknown to the company my wife had opportunity to speak to the folks ultimately responsible to make the payment. What she found out from them was that the company owner was the one who mis-filed forms and caused the extra delay; the same person who put the responsibility for the error on Susi!

Now, after 120 days she has finally received payment. But the lack of honesty and truthfulness has soured her taste to work with this firm again anytime soon.

There was a day when a handshake was enough to consummate a contract. The statement, “My word is my bond.” had authority because it was backed by the character of the man. While those days of informal contracts are gone, an honest man or woman is still a person of influence and trust. May that be said of us all!

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