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Jesus Killer - A Centurion's Mission is a great read. Everyone should get this book and read it.

Who killed Jesus? Who plunged the spear into His side, finally

ending His life, after hours of inhumane torture? Jesus Killer

is the story of the driven and disciplined Roman centurion,

Deuterius, whose life changed dramatically on that historic day

on Golgotha Hill.

Jesus Killer reveals the physical, mental, and spiritual journey

of the man responsible for the event that changed the course of

humanity forever. He could have never predicted how one simple

day at work, and one man he did not even know, could change his

life forever. Could you?

The concept of this book answers the question, Where did the centurion come from and where did he go after he killed Jesus and said the words, "Surely He was the Son of God". The story uses Biblical facts and weaves them into a fictional story of this soldier. For over 400 years Rome ruled the world. How did THIS one centurion end up at the feet of Jesus to say those words?

Type in to read the web page about some of the characters in this exciting novel.

This man's "Jesus encounter" changed his life. The story is truly a spiritual journey of this one man in history.

You have to read the book to experience the 'untold' story.

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Comment by J.H. EDWARDS on May 22, 2010 at 8:46pm
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