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Kita’s Gentle Message: Imprinting Works on You, Too (Saturday, November 11, 2017)

“Remember the story about the orphaned baby deer which when it was cared for and fed by its human rescuer, began to identify that person as its mother.  No matter that this mother walked on two legs, had no fur and could barely jump a fence. In a word, the handler had imprinted on the baby animal that s/he was its mother. For a long time, I’ve associated “imprinting” with animals – those orphans, strays and injured who having lost their parents, have bonded with people who have cared for them.  But of course, we humans imprint too – I venture to say throughout our whole lives with others who become our parental surrogates in various ways: physically, fiscally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.  The fact that you can be imprinted is not in question. What is significant is whom you allow around you long enough to have this imprinting occur.”     

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