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Kita’s Gentle Message: Not Everything has to Stick (Saturday, July 1, 2017)

"We’ve been taught to watch for and take advantage of opportunities that show up in our lives. Whether a good buy, a new interesting friend, chance to get away, another job contract, investment offer – all these situations signal to us to explore them and see how they can help us out in a positive way. Sometimes these events occur rarely sometimes in multiples. When the latter happens, there’s an urge to grasp at everything lest we “lose out”. In attempting to seize all like eating all you can because the buffet is free, you risk gulping down indiscriminately and end up feeling mighty uncomfortable. So it is with life. Not everything that looks good logically needs to be a part of your life. Not everything has to stick even if it bodes well for you. Hard for the mind to digest. Not hard for the soul though."
To your Happiness,

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