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Several weeks ago I posted a question at five writing groups. The question was "Why Do We Read Novels?"Actually that question was nested in my mind long time ago: Why do I read novels?  That question appeared again after I read a sub-chapter of book A Novel Idea: How To Read Novels Like A Writer when accompanying my youngest daughter at swimming class. I hoped I would get some replies before writing this post, but till this time nobody seems interested to give any response.
Well, I'll better post it anyway.
I've read novels since I was in Senior High School.  All novels I read written from the famous international and Indonesian authors, like Agatha Christie, Mira W, Maria S. Sudjono, Marga T, Marah Rusli, etc. Reading novels is an enjoyment.  I can feel what the characters feels, I can be at many different places, and also I can read the characters' mind, predicted what they are thinking and many situations and conditions they are facing.  I can explore the characters by reading all the chapters and it riches my knowledge, developed  my emotion wisely because every genres has a purpose: for entertaining/pleasure, for sending a certain message, for ministry, for politic, etc.
From tens of novels I have read, only one I still remember its title: Rumah di Atas Bukit (House On the Hill) written by Indonesian author, Maria S. Sudjono.  It was so beautiful and she was able to describe the characters very well.  I felt like the persons in the characters when I read each of them.  The problems which characters had was different and complicated enough and made me as a reader was very curious about the end of the story.  I used to read her novel around 2-4 days/book. If I was not busy I could read in 2-3 days, but if I was little bit busy with my homework, then I would finish in 4 days.
Since then I had a flash question in my mind: This writer is excellent. Can I write like her one day?  
Now I have been an author of a novel based on my own true story, Enthusiasm, and I still continue writing my second novel as the second book of my Enthusiasm Saga.  Also I still read novels and other books that can rich my knowledge about writing and the genres I'm interested in. With English is my second language, that activity is a MUST as a new author. All sources are English and I enjoy most of what I've read.
Reading novels teaches the readers to be patient, to explore, and to analyze that we can't find at any kind of book except NOVELS. Reading novels is also enjoying an art of writing so that's why many readers like reading novels.  Most novels are also Best Seller Books. This can show us that novels are the promised books in publishing industry. Novels can be adapted in films too. This is very interesting part. We can get one source becomes two kinds of arts: Book and Film.
So, do you like reading novels? What genres do you like most? If you like reading novels based on the true story and you like inspirational and motivational story, then Enthusiasmis one of the answers.  Now you still have a chance to win one of my ten free autographed books by doing a simple thing, just enter my book giveaway at this link and follow its instructions. That is easy, isn't it?
Oh, well, one more thing: I got a critic that I as an author didn't know well about genres. I should write it as autobiography, not a novel?  Hahahaha, she was RIGHT!  I think I'm the only author in the world who breaks the law! But I would like her to know that I, an author, is like a bird. I can fly wherever I want. And this is my creative art of writing: I write it in the novel format!!!! That was very challenging!!!  So, if you are the lucky one, I hope you will enjoy reading my book.  Please, remember, you will read a book from an author that English is her second language with many professional helps involved to become a great book, and then won Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for the Spring 2010 from NABE.
GOOD LUCK and THANK YOU for your support by participating in my first book giveaway at Goodreads. (*)

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